Dallas County Cricket Club; DCCC is a premier cricket club in DFW Metroplex and is affiliated with North Texas Cricket Association; NTCA . NTCA is a member of United States of America Cricket Association; USACA . Due to DCCC's association with both NTCA and USACA, DCCC's goals and objectives are aligned with USACA's goal which is- "to promote, encourage, foster and develop interest and participation in the game of cricket throughout the United States of America".

DCCC has been in existence for over 25 years now and strives to be the best club in DFW as well as across America in terms of its conduct, operations, vision and leadership excelllence. Some of the members of DCCC have been the founding fathers of NTCA; namely Arun Vittal and Suhas Naik. It is DCCC's aim to be a role model for other clubs and at the same time be an active listener as well as learner to understand and implement policies that will foster cricket in north texas.

DCCC has been fortunate and proud to have some of the best players in the country who have and continue to represent USA in the international games. Usman Shuja and Orlando Baker; two of the active players in USA team have been with the club for the last 5+ years. And then DCCC has groomed few of the youth players to represent USA in under 19 tournaments. DCCC is committed to carry forward its legacy of producing fine players to represent state, region and eventually USA teams.

As far as grooming the youths is concerned, DCCC are the pioneers to successfully implement DFW's first youth program which consisted of 50+ kids who started learning basics of cricket game from the veterans of the game at DCCC. The youth program run within DCCC club have made great strides and we now have 15-20 under 15 youths who have shown promises to carry DCCC's torch forward.

In the past- Dallas County Cricket Club were the Champions of the Premier League in 2011 in the NTCA League. DCCC were crowned undisputed champions after a huge victory over Ismailia CC in the final game of the season to regain a championship they had previously won when they went undefeated in 2007 and 2009. Rahul, the victorious captain for the club, marshalled his troups very well right through the season where they won all but one match this season. The team couldn't have done this without Chicko watching over us. Chicko- We miss you Brother!!!

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DCC Anthem

Its never over till its over
Never over till the last ball is bowled
Its never over till its over
Never over till the last run is scored

You gotta stand up and fight
Save every run
Take that catch
There's a game to be won

Go Club ! Go DC ! Go DCCC
Go Club Go DC Go DCCC
We beat cubs, We beat Metroplex
We beat every..body
No One .. Stands in our way
Our path to victory

Go Club Go DC Go DCCC
Go Club Go DC Go DCCC

Another Cup, Another Championship
Another great memory
Undefeated..all season long
We made history



DCCC Guidelines for Conduct :

The Dallas County Cricket Club (DCCC) strives to excel on and off the field. Our goal is to be the standard bearer for all cricket clubs in the North Texas area. As such, we are committed to fostering the Spirit of Cricket and conduct ourselves with professionalism both on and off the field. We need to ensure that our membership understand and display these virtues when representing DCCC.

The Executive Committee of DCCC in conjunction with its Board of Directors has formulated the guidelines below to communicate these requirements to the membership. These guidelines are not intended to be all inclusive; captains are urged to stress the importance of behaviour on the field, and the members are expected to exercise judgement and reason when representing DCCC.

Code of Conduct for Members:

All members of DCCC are expected to abide by the following code of conduct:

  • The Captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted within the Spirit of Cricket as well as within the Laws.
  • The Captains are responsible at all times to ensure that their team conducts itself in a professional manner.
  • The Captains have the authority to implement rules and regulations for their respective teams in order to create an environment that is conducive to excelling performances on the field while maintaining the Spirit of the game. The
  • Captain's authority is final in this regard.
  • Umpire's authority shall be considered final. Members must at all times respect and accept the Umpire's decision.
  • Showing dissent at the Umpire's decision or reacting in a provocative or disappointing manner towards an Umpire shall be considered serious offenses and grounds for discipline.
  • Members shall not intimidate, assault or attempt to intimidate or assault an Umpire, another Player or a Spectator.
  • Members shall not use crude and/or abusive language nor make offensive gestures or hand signals. Members are expected to treat the opponents and their supporters in a respectful manner.
  • Members shall not make racially abusive comments nor indulge in racially abusive actions against fellow players, officials, members and supporters.
  • Members will observe the highest standards of sportsmanship and behavior both on and off the field of play.

Code of Conduct for Club Officials and Volunteers:

All officials/volunteers must:

  1. Consider the well-being of the membership as a first priority
  2. Consider the long-term objectives of the Club in all endeavors
  3. Develop an appropriate working relationship with participants/members based on mutual trust and respect
  4. Make sure all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part
  5. Promote the positive aspects of cricket (e.g. fair play)
  6. Display consistently high standards of behavior
  7. Follow all guidelines laid down by NTCA and the Club
  8. Never condone rule violations, unprofessional behavior, or behavior detriment to the Club
  9. Encourage and guide participants to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour.